Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ten Things Tuesday: Why I am grateful for the arrival of Spring

1. I don’t have to put on a jacket, hat, gloves and a scarf just to go outside. I’m down to windbreaker.

2. The mornings are not pitch black when I go to the YMCA to get my pool laps in, and dawn has broken by the time I walk back home. It makes the thought of getting up at 5:30am just a little less painful.

3. I don’t have to:

a) Warm my car up before I leave anywhere.
b) Drive around in an ass-freezing cold car while it warms up.

4. My phys. ed. sports class starts softball!

5. I can run without the risk of frostlung (which leads to lung infections for me) or near hypothermia (which is annoying because, once I start sweating, I can’t avoid being cold).

6. I can drag my bike off the trainer and actually get outside. I should note, in the interest of full disclosure, that I haven’t done this quite yet, but it should happen any day now. Someone has to move the Xmas ornament boxes from the spot in the entryway where my bike usually lives in the warmer months.

7. I can enjoy an occasional pipe on the front porch.

8. I can send the kids OUTSIDE to play! That’s good for everyone.

9. I can go for walks in the evenings without having to psyche myself up to go out in the cold and dark. Now, I just have to psyche myself to go out in the dark.

10. There will be grillage!

Please don’t take this personally, those of you who enjoy the winter months, but that time can seriously and without any equivocation kiss my ass. Bring on the summer!

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Mrs. Chili said...

You're a little heartier than I am. I'm still not ready to be outdoors much yet; I'm waiting for temps consistently above 55.