Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bits of Stuff (not that kind!)

I’m a burglar. Apparently, that’s what the softball team I now play for is called. Now to get my arm into shape!

Lizzie did a 6-mile run in 49 mins. I told her I was chasing that time. The fastest I ran that distance last year was 53 mins. I have a ways to go.

The kids are off to hang with the Matriarch for a couple of days. I’m driving them up today, and planning to pick them up Saturday. I’m not staying. I have stuff to do!

That stuff includes taking Karla down to see her family tomorrow (her cousin Ellie does kinesiology, and has been working with her for the last couple of months) and going to play disc golf. The weather needs to be enjoyed while it lasts!

Our town will have a new mayor come June. Let us hope whichever of the two candidates gets the office does a better job than the incumbent who’s leaving it.

My car is going under the wrench. Hopefully, she’ll be up and running by week’s end, and without all the fluids leaking every which where.

JRH: Thank you for telling me what was going on, and I’m sorry. I totally get how that just takes the wind right out of your sails. I’m here (and available) whenever.

Chili: Thanks for the info about Angela Maiers! She’s new to me and, although I’m still just getting into her stuff, I’m liking what I’m seeing and hearing.

Bessie: Hang in there! You and the kiddo will do fine. Help each other stay focused. Reach out it you need to.

Children of mine: Go get in the shower!

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The Grammar Snob said...

Mr. Snob is running a half marathon Sunday. I'm driving and cheering, getting in the car, driving up some more, cheering, times 10 or so.

I did, however, join a gym. Then got strep throat and a double ear infection. Coincidence? I'm not sure.

Hope you are well....I've been distant, but not on purpose.