Sunday, March 1, 2009

Today was about correspondence

Over the past week, I’ve received a great deal of mail, both e- and snail-, that needed some attention. I got most of it replied to today. What’s left I can do tomorrow, since there’s no way in hell we’re having school (there’s a foot of snow coming our way).

The letters I got had a lot of news—most of it good. Here’s a sampling of what other people in the worldwide Wayfarer Community are up to:

Jennie is back from Chile, and will finish school at the University of California this June. She also agreed to correspond with one of my current students who is doing her Exhibition on what life is like in a foreign country from an American point of view.

Kimmie is in nursing school locally now (she was in the Czech Republic not too long ago), and she was finally able to find a free day to come to Wayfarer House for dinner.

Dani and baby Jackson will be in the area in a week or two from upstate NY, and will hopefully be able to stop by. We haven’t seen them since she and Joe got married (I can’t even believe it’s been 3 years!), and we’re excited to meet the little one.

I found out that there are two new babies in our universe as of just a couple of months ago. Jen had a boy in early December--after a marathon labor that ended in a C-section. All is well in Texas now, though. “A” (she’s been “A” since the first day we met in college) gave birth to a baby girl in January, as well. I’m still getting the scoop on this because it came totally out of the blue. Last I knew, “A” was in Africa. Now she’s back in Florida, she’s got a guy and she’s got a baby! See? This is what happens when you don’t keep up on your correspondence.

Kestrel wrote from San Francisco recently to say she absolutely loves the city, and that her internship is going well. Ruth says the same of Miami, where she’s been at school. Sadly, Ruth and Andres had to dial down their romance to “friendship” for the time being (Ruth’s mom, who is a bit of a control freak hit the roof when she found out she had a boyfriend).

I still need to reach out to Webster, who was supposed to come for New Year’s, but whom we haven’t seen in forever, Sandi and Jeff, and Mutti and Vatti up in Vermont. We saw Wheeler this past week (he comes up every couple of weeks or so to visit Karla and be accosted by NiNi), so I don’t need to write to him--although I do need to see if he wants to go with some of us to see Watchmen next weekend. I’ll fit this in between throwing the kids outside to play in the snow and the lesson planning that will still be waiting for me tomorrow.

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