Monday, February 16, 2009

The weekend in review

I spent the last two days working on my to-do list. I got a lot done, and I felt like I'd accomplished something when I went to bed last night. It felt, in a word, good.

I have a lot more to do, but that's the way of things. There's always more to do, but here's the replay.

1. I reset my grade books and moved things around for the spring semester classes. I can now record attendance properly and correct the exams in my briefcase. Next on this list is purchasing. I need to spend some money!

2. I worked through more of the book I'm reading as part of my Community School homework. I have notes, and more importantly, I have stuff for myself and Wifeness to do to move the project forward.

3. I narrowed down the list of things I want to accomplish this coming year. It's a short list. That's ok. The things that are on it are things that will require time and attention all year long. I have a couple of 1-time items (woodworking projects, triathlons), but this year it's about moving the grand endeavors along.

4. I got a little exercise, but ended up totally in the zone to work on "in my head" things, so I rode that wave instead. Everybody's coming home today around suppertime, so I may take an hour in the afternoon to go down to the gym. We'll see how the domestica portion of the list goes.

5. I didn't write any letters per se (although I did shoot of a random email to my dad). I have the list of people, though, and I will make progress today on it.

6. I worked on the two blogs. I moved stuff around on this one, and fixed the colors, but I have no idea if it works better than what I had or not. I'd appreciate some feedback. On the Community School blog, I started filling the pages on the navigation bar. I got as far as the Q&A page yesterday. I hope to add more today. That blog will take time to build up. There's a lot to put in it, and it's not small stuff. That's what I get for waiting so damn long to start on it!

7. I'm sorry, everyone, but I think the blog love will have to wait until tonight.

8. I haven't gotten as deep into the resource material for the Community School as I want. I have a couple of target items to review today. The rest I'll get to a little at a time during the week.

9. I'm going to linger over breakfast and coffee, then start on the domestica. I think I'll put on some good '80s music to energize. Yes there is too good '80s music!

10. Family posts... Gotta start those...

11. What time is it, anyway? I lose all track of the hour when I'm on these intense weekends. I think I slept late, but I honestly don't know. The sun was shining when the cat jumped on me. That means it was at least 7am. Hmmm... I may have to take a nap later to make up for that.

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