Saturday, January 10, 2009

In a Holding Pattern

Caleb and Maeve are at a memorial service for someone they know, and we are watching the kids for a bit. This is perfectly fine, but it means that most of the things on my list will have to wait. That's the theme today, it seems. Through no one's fault, this weekend will be a lesson in "good things come to those who wait". Observe:

1. The kitchen faucet needs to be fixed. Actually, the valve for the hot water needs to be replaced. None of the local stores carry the part, so it must be ordered. The manufacturer has a toll free line, but they're closed on the weekend. The dripping will continue.

2. We're all going to the YMCA after Caleb gets back. This is a good thing because I won't get a run in otherwise, but it pushes other things back, like my run to the grocery store, a shower (which I may just take at the Y), laundry and grading.

3. There's snow coming tomorrow--some 6"-10". There was some discussion about Karla going down to a woodworking show in Springfield, but it's not practical to go if there's a storm. I don't know if she'll be able to go later or not, so this may be an example of "good things come to those who go early", which is not the same as "good things come to those who wait", but I'm including it here anyway.

4. It's really cold outside. We got a wonderful gift from Caleb and Maeve for our anniversary, and I really want to put it up, but I'd like to wait until it's warmer. My hands don't work so well in the really cold. Hopefully, we'll get some relief in a couple of days.

5. The cold is also preventing me from properly clearing off the remnants of the last snow storm because all the stuff on the driveway has compacted and frozen such that I can neither shovel nor push it away. It's annoying and a little unsafe, but there's not anything to do about it until we get a day above freezing to soften it a little bit.

6. I took the briefest of looks at the distances, routes and logistics for a bike trip to Nova Scotia (which is in the works for some time this year). It's a bit longer than I thought (700 miles vs. the 600 miles I thought), and the cost of the trip may work out to a lot more than my initial estimate. I'd hate to put this trip off, but if it can't work logistically or financially then it's not worth pushing.

I guess that's all. Does your weekend have a theme?

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Mrs. Chili said...

What was the wonderful gift?

Our weekend theme is laying low. We visited grandparents today (well, grand PARENT - grampa was out moving snow piles in anticipation of the dumping of snow we're predicting; they're saying we'll get even more than you. Oh, joy). We went to the market (so we won't have to go tomorrow) and we're just hunkering down now...