Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ten Things Tuesday (on Wednesday, because Tuesday sucked)

Between the cold, the wet, the dark and the grading that I need to do in advance of Late Notices, I'm really not enjoying life right now. This week's list, then, is dedicated to the dos and do nots of my life at this time of year.

1. I DO a lot of mindless distractable things--video games, sudoku, web surfing--to keep the blues at bay.

2. I DO NOT have a lot of motivation to do things that require concentration--grading being chief among them, as applicable this week.

3. I DO have a lot of grading to do, however. I have exams from last week, two separate projects (wonderful though they are) and homework... So. Much. Homework.

4. I DO NOT think I can get up at 5:30am to go to the pool while I'm in this funk. I've tried, like, three mornings to get up. I can actually wake up, but I simply cannot get out of bed. Ugh.

5. I DO have a phys. ed. class twice a week, so I'm getting a little exercise, but it's not what I need to have to stay on top of my training.

6. I DO NOT have any endurance right now. Even though I'm not doing much physically, I feel like I need to sleep all the time. I've had to pull over on the drive home to close my eyes and refresh my batteries several times over the last couple of weeks.

7. I DO manipulate caffeine a bit to help me through the day, even though I know it's only a short-term solution. When I say "manipulate", I mean I have an extra cup of coffee during the day (above the cup and a half I have with breakfast). That's the most I can do without creating more problems than I solve.

8. I DO NOT have a metabolism that would tolerate taking real drugs to deal with this. Hell, Ibuprofen kicks my ass!

9. I DO NOT expect this to last forever.

10. I DO, however, think I'm going to go to bed early again.

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