Monday, November 17, 2008

The potato is getting back in the saddle (to mix a metaphor)...

This is my last week of inactivity.

I have done no running, biking, swimming or other heavy physical activity (save for soccer) since mid-September. It’s simply impossible to fit in such work during this time of year. Coaching takes up too much of my life, and to try to keep up any level of training is simply unhealthy. So, I let it go. This carries a cost when the time comes to start up again, but it’s one I am content to pay so that I can do something else I love very much.

Now, soccer is done. My life will resume its normal level of frenzy in a few days.

Next week, I will start training for a long-distance ride (Nova Scotia, here I come!) and for the triathlons I want to do. I have planned to start next week because my school takes the entire week of Thanksgiving off, and it will be easier to work into the habit of getting up earlier to hit the pool, as well as give my body time to recover after runs and rides. It is my full intention to enter the spring ready to push ahead of last year’s limits.

I made a commitment to myself last year and saw it rewarded in a fitter, healthier body and a long-delayed goal realized. I accomplished a lot this year. I’m excited to see how far I can go in 2009!

This has started me thinking about all the goals I had when I started the year. I'll post progress tomorrow in a 10 Things post. How're you doing with yours? Have you experienced success with any? Please share!

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Mrs. Chili said...

I did the 108 in 2008 list with Kizz. I haven't visited it in a while, though, so I can't speak to my progress. I'll likely do so before the new year, though I doubt I'll do a 109 in '09 list for next year; I didn't find myself referring to the list often enough to be helpful...