Thursday, November 27, 2008

Nothing says Thanksgiving like…

— A roaring fire in the wood stove to help wake your heart and soul.

— A 5k run on the beach in the early morning, just as the sun breaks through the ocean mist.

— Wifeness’ fresh backed cardamom bread and just the right amount of coffee.

— Piling into a big, comfy chair with my children to watch my students twirl batons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

— Helping with someone else’s chores.

— The smells of good food on the stove.

— The happy sounds of family (given and chosen).

— The tastes of the aforementioned good food.

— The traditional nap in front of the afternoon football game.

— Special time with my children (so Wifeness gets a break).

— Sleeping (and chitting and chatting) in the same bed as Wifeness in anticipation of a whole morning together, just us.

May your Day of Giving Thanks be filled with all the wonderful blessings that are present in your world!

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