Monday, November 10, 2008

10 Things Tuesday: Charlotte

Lessons learned during my trip to Charlotte:

1. Artichoke dip does not mix well with wine when dropped directly into the glass.

2. “Truth or Dare” should not be played by adults. Ever.

3. Toblerone have mysteriously from airport concession stands. An investigation is underway.

4. The guys who drive those golf carts around the airport can, in fact, be bought—with a smile and a song.

5. When a group of teachers does headstands in the airport waiting area, it gets noticed.

6. So, too, does the presenter who, in a Freudian slip, uses the word “blowjob”. No it wasn’t me. I’ll bet he wishes it wasn’t him, too.

7. When a young vendor of testing software wears a shirt that says “Assess This!” across the chest, every man will.

8. Obama’s recent ascendancy to power has apparently done little to dissuade TSA officials from stopping and searching the luggage of the one black woman in a line full of white people.

9. It may have emboldened several people to criticize on such an affront publicly, however.

10. Sleeping on the futon couch at home is still preferable to a luxurious double bed in an upscale downtown hotel. Sure, it’s quieter and the cable’s better in the hotel, but it lacks all the sounds and smells of a place where I am loved.

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Mrs. Chili said...

Um, Babe? Check your calendar.

Jeez, I'm just all kinds of cranky at you today, huh? Sorry.