Saturday, May 31, 2008

The last senior prank...

I know it's coming.

Frankly, I thought they'd do it last week.

It's the only one still to go.

On Tuesday, they decorated our Executive Director's office in princess-y pinks and frillies. (Nini would say his office never looked so nice!)

On Thursday, they took all the books out of our little library.

There is one to go, and I'm nervous because it hasn't happened yet.

Here's what I know: They intend to take all the classrooms and switch them around. They'll move all the furniture, decorations and materials from my space, and move it to someone else's room.

I have been expecting every day for the last week to come in and find that my room is no longer mine. My desk will have been relocated. All the books, shelves, chairs, plants--even Mbungo, will all be somewhere else.

They've done all the other stuff. They'll do this one, too.

I want to get it out there that, generally, I have no patience whatsoever for pranks. This tradition is one that irritates me to no end because I have no time for the disruptions that such things inevitably force upon my very tight end-of-year routine. I've let it be known that, if they're going to f*ck around with my classroom, the senior class had better:

a) Put stuff exactly where I can find it. Hiding stuff will result in my doing the same to their diplomas (or maybe their cars, via tow trucks).

b) Put stuff BACK exactly where it was. I have to proctor MCAS in my room tomorrow, and I will call them at 2am to move stuff back, so the kids who have to take that test can do so under the proper and appropriate conditions (and so I can get my own work done at the same time).

Hear me now, class of 2008! Do not do something that will make me want to seek vengeance for your sophomoric attempts to create a lasting institutional memory for yourselves. I will be ruthless in my retribution. I am not above returning a nuisance for a nuisance. Or worse for worse.

I love you all!

PS: No, Karla, Ruth and Wheeler, Wifeness did not tattle. She remained, as ever she would, tight lipped to the end.

PPS: No, Karla, Ruth and Wheeler, I will not tell you from whence I learned of your treacherous plans. It was magic. That's all you need to know.


Mrs. Chili said...


The story is that my father was part of a plan to reassemble an entire chem. lab on the roof of the high school. I never knew if the story was true or not, but I wouldn't put it past them to do such a thing (my father was a hooligan). I wonder if that's why the chem lab tables were bolted to the floor by the time *I* went to that high school....

Laurie B said...

I'm with you, Wayfarer. Pranks are not funny to anybody except the pranksters. Revenge/retribution is fast and final, fix it fast or go to jail ( or fail to graduate or something severe).

I've been told that I possess both a good sense of humor and a fine code of ethics and honesty. Pranks fail in both of those catagories.

I love your barnraising approach to homeowner projects. I've done a few projects with friends that way and for the most part, things have gone well.
One painting job involved a very tall ladder and it turned out that not one of us liked to climb ladders so that part of the house still hasn't been painted.

Next time, I'll recruit somebody that isn't afraid of heights!

Laurie B said...

So? What happened?