Monday, July 30, 2007

A timely reply to (see below)... updated

PS: The story on the WWLP website was quietly corrected by the station on Tuesday, July 31. You can read it [HERE]. It's quite short, and no acknowedgement of the error was made by the station (none was truly expected). I'll admit I'm disappointed that they didn't take the chance to make a real story out of the issue. Seems like it'd be newsworthy, doesn't it?

Dear Mr. Wayfarer,

Thank you for your inquiry into Lt. Brown's position on roadside safety. I talked with Lt. Brown and he states that he was misquoted in his interview with Cy Becker. He stated that he told Mr. Becker that pedestrians should walk against traffic and all other forms of movement on the road should be with the flow of traffic. He is communicating with WWLP for clarification Of the issue.

Thank You,

Stephen M. Martin Fire Chief


Mrs. Chili said...

Tell us if the misquote is corrected in the paper, would you?

oh, and happy birthday, old man!

Kizz said...

Dude! Happy Birthday! Hope you're doing something fun.

The Grammar Snob said...

Sweet! Gotta love a quick response! Chili says it's your birthday - so, you know, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Wayfarer said...

Thanks, y'all, for the kind birthday wishes!

I'll let you know when/if the station addresses the misquote. I don't expect they'll get to it for several days. News organizations are quick to quote, in my experience, but slow to correct. Maybe they'll prove me wrong, though.