Friday, July 20, 2007

Commercial break...

Just a brief preview of coming attractions here on Wayfarer Journal:

1. To the many of you whose blogs I read, but to whom I have posted no replies in the last several months, please accept my apologies. I intend (once again) to get around to each of you (and maybe some new ones, now that I expect to have time to write more) to catch up. Please don't take my lengthy silence for disinterest, but bear with me. I can only do so much blogging so fast.

2. My oldest daughter is now riding her bike without training wheels. We took them off on Monday and went to the big grassy field at the playpark to practice riding without them. She didn't fall once! She totally had it down in 6 assisted starts and now, at the end of the week, is able to go pretty much wherever she wants. This was an important moment in her life because she really likes watching me ride, and now we have that to share. More on that, and our connection to outdoors and activities, in a post coming soon.

3. My wife and her father are going to a big Harry Potter book event. I expect she'll post about this on her blog soon. Both of them really enjoy Harry Potter but, more importantly, it has been a great bonding experience for them. I'm glad she's going! It's inspired me to post some thoughts and experiences on the topic of parental relationships soon!

4. There has been a lengthy discussion at my school about the work I do as Coordinator of Athletics (what many high schools would call an Athletic Director), or, more particularly, whether and how much I should be paid for this work. It's been on my mind, so I'll vent just enough to say that, over the last four years, I've started a decent interscholastic sports and activities program at my school, and it's going to really torque me to see that effort wasted because of inconsiderate decision-making. I intend to share more about this later, but this is one of those occasions when the politics of education really get in the way of the work of educating.

5. If you are a woman and a reader of this blog, please raise your hand if shoes and handbags rated higher on your list of interests than dolls when you were a child. Coming soon, an explanation!

6. Go see Ratatouille!

Thank you for your kind attention. Coverage of the Tour de la Campagne will return shortly.

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Kizz said...

You know I can't remember which I liked better. I was a little of both. I was big into getting the right shoes for the right outfit onto my barbies.