Friday, February 9, 2007

Time for a list!

I’ll call it Expectations Friday.

1. Today is exam day. Friday’s are always exam days. If you have class with me and today is Friday, expect an exam. Your homework is due today, too, since you’ve undoubtedly forgotten, even though that happens every Friday, too.

2. It hasn’t been above freezing in this part of New England since January 30th. The weather reports are looking remarkably consistent for this time of year, saying in essence that I should not expect it to warm up for the foreseeable future.

3. I have a staff meeting today. I bring my laptop to these meetings so I can get work done because only about 10% of the meeting requires my direct, undivided attention. I expect I’ll be able to post this during the meeting (check the time at the bottom of the post to see if it’s between 3:00 – 4:30).

4. SiSi has discovered the joys of computer games. She has several that she cycles through now. I expect her to ask if she can play one when she gets home.

5. Along the lines of #4, above, I expect NiNi to pull up a chair next to the desk where SiSi is, climb up and sit with rapt attention as her sister plays her computer game. She shows no inclination to learn to play them herself; she’s quite content to watch, but she does so with full attention.

6. I expect I’ll have to wait until tonight to go for a walk. It’ll be frigid, but I won’t get the chance to go before then and I’ve been trying very hard to do something active every day. I’ve done a good job with this so far (I’ll post on this next time).

7. The pile of work I have to grade this weekend is a good 6 inches high. I expect I’ll be seeing two episodes of Saturday Night Live this weekend: The regular broadcast that comes on at 11:30 and the classic rerun that follows it at 1am.

8. A posting for the job of webmaster at my school has appeared. I’m thinking of applying. I’ve done it before. It’s pretty straightforward. It has several advantages, among them that I don’t have to fit it into my school day, and I can do it with my laptop. The pay isn’t bad either. I know from past experience, however, that this position will inevitably require a lot of hours, and the fact that it’s been capped at 90 hours from now until the end of the school year will mean little once it’s been set up for staff to use. I firmly expect that whoever ends up with the job to have to tell people, “It’s gonna have to wait till next year.”

9. Softball starts on Monday. So, too, will begin the sniveling at having to do strength training indoors because it’s too cold to practice outside. They’ve known it’s been coming since November, though. If they’ve kept up with their training, it won’t hurt nearly as much. I’ll bring the Icy Hot, though, just in case.

10. My battery is low. If I don’t plug my laptop in soon, I bet I'm going to lose pow…

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