Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Random Radio…

I travel with the rest of my house to the seacoast area of NH on a fairly regular basis. My car radio has two FM bands, so I can have two groups of preset stations on it. One is for my home area, and the other is for when I’m in NH. Sometime in the early summer of this year I was looking for something new to listen to. I wasn’t sure what I really wanted, but I knew that none of the stations I have as presets were offering it. I stumbled upon 93.7 Mike FM by accident, but fell in love with it instantly. It’s just about the only station I listen to when I’m in NH or near Boston. Sadly, they don't reach all the way to where I live in western MA, but they do broadcast online, so I can enjoy them on the couch while I'm laptopping. Praise Jesus for the internet!!

Do you listen to online radio? Do you listen to any radio at all, or is it all about the iPod? Do tell!

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Mrs.Chili said...

And when they say "we play everything", they MEAN they play EVERYTHING. The other day, I had MikeFM on the tuner and listened to Peter Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, and Gary Wright (Dream Weaver) in a row. Shudder.

I sometimes find such randomness disconcerting, but I listen anyway.