Sunday, May 7, 2006

Taking some time...

Wifeness and her niece are in the living room, putting together a scrapbook for a mutual friend who is getting married next week. They are watching the movie In Her Shoes. There is a lot of feminine energy in there.

In an effort not to be overcome by estrogen, I have retreated to the bedroom. I’m listening to the Red Sox game on the radio, surfing the net and eating ice cream straight from the container with a soup spoon. With my little island of masculine energy secured, I thought I’d share that I’m reveling in the fact that I have the evening off from graduate school!

Sure, I have a pile of things to do that will fill the time up that normally is reserved for that work, but they can wait a few days. I could be grading papers, but there’s no such thing as a French or Spanish emergency, and the kids don’t really want all the homework back anyway. I could go up and clean my office up, so I can actually work up there, but I’ve already done my organizational work for the day in the form of the bi-annual Great Clothes Switch, so there’s no motivation to file and shelve tonight. Same goes for the basement. My dad helped me do some spring cleaning down there when he and my mom came to visit a couple of weeks ago, but to finish the job I’d have to get supremely grubby. Too late at night for that.

Nope, I’m quite happy just to sit and type for a while.

The Sox are winning. This ice cream is hitting the spot. Right here, right now, life is good.

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