Sunday, January 8, 2006

I Am Blessed

I’m sitting here on the couch, chilling with my oldest daughter (codename: SiSi), and I’m basking in the wonderfulness of this moment. It has set me to thinking about how I got here, and just how wonderful a journey it has been.

When I consider the path of my life to this point, I cannot help but simultaneously shake my head in amazement at the road I have travelled and smile at my unbelievable fortune. I have seen and done in this life so much and, whether I looked at it as good or bad at the time, I have come away from all my adventures with great knowledge and experience. It has served me very well.

When I think about the now, I am no less impressed. I am allowed to live, with little interference from the universe (and a great deal of protection from same) the modest and contented existence I have chosen. I have been graced with the freedom to create a full life. Certainly, it is a life with challenges, but many are challenges of my design and I am supported in them by an entire universe of allies. I have a family that loves me, honors me and shares with me incalculable joy just by being who they are. I have friends that feed my inspiration and creativity. I have mentors who are not afraid to guide me to be my best self. These things are more valuable to me than any money I will ever make, and I am quite contented to have been tasked in this life to help people explore the essential truth that we are so much more, and so much better, with the right people around us than we are by ourselves.

I look forward with much excitement to the future, and to fulfilling the incredible promise that I have seen for me in this life. Moreover, I look forward to sharing that promise with everyone I can. If you’re reading this blog, keep reading it. This is part of the sharing.

And listen for the gong.

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